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Starlite started as an idea, a concept and a place where dreams and ideas could be turned into real world projects. These original projects and many new ones still sustain and drive us onwards today.


Our basic mission is not to be a super corporation, not to be a care less company, not to be driven by greed but to try and enrich our lives and those who copme into contact with us.


This company serves the Internet community as a supplier of web sites as well as hosting and associated services. Our unique 3 step process provides clients with a fast new way to have their web site showcases, or ecommerce shops up and running without compromisiing on quality.

We have nearly 5000 web site templates already created covering all industries. The templates are of the highest graphic quality which we customise for the client. They can feature regular HTML, Flash or php.

We also offer a hosting and domain name procurement and update service.

Since the very beginning of the Web in the early 1990's, SydneyBiz has specialised in personal web site creation, hosting and marketing. Clients range from small clubs or family businesses to a multi national companies.

These sites are created specifically for the client with an emphases on function rather than cosmetics. Tell us what you want to achive and we will supply a solution.

From Static HTML pages to dynamic PHP and ASP driven SQL and mySQL databases as well as latest in Flash and animation and audio.

The major star of this Australian label is music legend Lonnie Lee, yet other legends of Rock'n'Roll music are also represented.

The company is also involved in publishing, production, real world distribution and marketing.

The introduction of an Internet shop featuring Australian Music Legends was the first of its kind in Australia.

One can buy CDs of many Australian and International legends and see images of the covers, backs & labels. Purchases can be made using Secure Credit Card, Money Order, Cheque, COD or Direct bank Deposit.

This was Sydney's first true Internet directory.It is for businesses who do not wish to have their own web site as well as those who are set up wita web presence. This facilityallows you to have a page or two created complete with images etc., together with a web and email address for a very low yearly fee. Due to the high visitatioin rates, it can be used as an extra redirect to main web sites.

Natural methods to restimulate and repair the water and soil problems of the world, particularly Australia as rediscovered by Peter Andrews. The CSIRO and many notable eco scientists from around the world agree with this principle, however it is harder to change government and burearactic thinking than the actual process itself.

We are producing a series of short length radio programs aimed at the high energy format of today. A TV Special is also in pre production. Both feature content regarding Australia's popular music history.

This web site and associated material has been produced as an educational facility for those who are interested in the history of Australian Rock'n'Roll and its social culture.

The on going news from Starlite is nothing more than there we are always involved in new ideas and solutions.


Take a look at some of them listed here, then contact us if you tfeel you would like to knoe more about them or wish to involve us in something you are doing.